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We are a globally orientated, research and consulting company specialized in designing and delivering responsible solutions for wealthy families, companies and senior executives.Built upon a foundation of trust, independence and global expertise, we research, create and provide fully customized solutions for individuals, families and corporations with investible assets over $10 Million.In collaboration with our global network of reputable service specialists, our team offers decades of experience providing bespoke support and guidance for business leaders and wealthy clientele.

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Core Services

» Multi-Family Office
⦿ Wealth preservation
⦿ World-views & strategies
⦿ Independent analysis
⦿ Estate & Succession Planning
⦿ Asset Protection
» Business Consultancy
⦿ Management Consulting
⦿ Executive Advisory

Strategic Wealth Preservation

Plan Protect Preserve

Ongoing changes in the financial industry at unprecedented speed, combined with increasing government regulations necessitate new and different adaptive strategies.Built upon six decades of experience in international finance, our team is well positioned to provide support and guidance both domestically and overseas.

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Are you prepared?

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What are the consequences of:⦿ Deflation
⦿ Hyperinflation
⦿ Inheritance Taxes
⦿ Confiscation
⦿ Publicity
⦿ Economic Instability


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⦿ How can you protect your assets?
⦿ How should you be invested?
⦿ How do you diversify your currency?
⦿ Where should you be invested?
⦿ Who can you trust?
We would be pleased to discuss your options and provide guidance.

Multi Family Office

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We cater to wealthy families and individuals seeking tailor-made solutions to manage their wealth responsibly. Ultimately the goal is aligning interests to provide personalized, safe, effective and well-designed wealth management solutions.Our dedicated team of professionals provide creative global solutions, independent analysis, perspective and guidance while consistently delivering high quality services.Services typically requested by our clients include; estate planning, lifestyle management, risk management, family meetings, succession planning / wealth transfer and coordination of service specialists and professionals.

Dedicated. Diligent. Discrete.

⦿ We strive to understand and exceed expectations
⦿ We work with you to address and overcome challenges
⦿ We establish trust through open dialogue, performance & support

Business Consultancy

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» Management Consulting & Executive Advisory

Are you or your leadership team seeking access to high quality, independent, external insight, perspective and advice?We work together with you to develop a deep understanding of your business, your priorities and the challenges you face. Establishing this mutual understanding and relationship enables our consultants to use their local and global knowledge and expertise to develop, refine and optimize business strategies to help overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.The objective for every project is to establish a clear pathway to success for you and your company.

Change Management Strategy

⦿ Incorporating Best Practices
⦿ Leadership Coaching and Consulting
⦿ Organizational Transformation
⦿ Management Transformation
⦿ Cultural Transformation
⦿ Business Process Transformation
⦿ Digital Transformation
⦿ Information Systems Transformation

Our Operations

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AMG Global Research Inc. is federally incorporated in Canada and registered in British Columbia.We operate internationally together with our investors in Europe and Asia through our head office in Vancouver.Client and team meetings are held both virtually and in-person around the world in compliance with regulations and travel advisories of the respective countries.

AMG Global Research Inc.
200 Burrard Street, 1200 Waterfront Centre,
Vancouver, BC V7X 1T2, CANADA

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AMG Global Research Inc.
200 Burrard Street, 1200 Waterfront Centre,
Vancouver, BC V7X 1T2, CANADA

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AMG Global Research Inc.
200 Burrard Street, 1200 Waterfront Centre,
Vancouver, BC V7X 1T2, CANADA